Hey fellow book lovers!

I am a South African blogger. I just want everyone to enjoy this blog and have a new understanding about what’s hot and new. I made this site to inform South African’s and other people that share my book fetish fantasies world wide of new books, authors and reviews. On this website you will find lots of teasers and snippets that will feed your excitement until the BIG DAY (release date). You will also get lots of news about upcoming books and latest reviews.There will also be sites included with the reviews that will show people where to buy a certain book that they want.

I will love to communicate with you so make me your friend on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and Pinterest. Also feel free to comment or ask me anything! Just keep in mind that my timeline might be different then yours.

So please! Don’t be shy. Use this website to your full advantage!

Kind regards


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    I just got your details from Theindieview.com website, and although I’m new to this I thought I must give it a try. My romance book, The Heart’s Melody (43,500 words, 224 pages), is the story of Noa, a mature Israeli Jewish woman in her fifties, who, in order to understand the miracle of life, allows the unexpected to happen. She is developing a complex romantic relationship with Amar, a young Arab man of twenty-eight, who she meets at an empowerment and self-awareness course.
    This book also contains fifty paintings selected from a collection of works by the author, each of which is designed to express the atmosphere of the chapter it accompanies.

    I would be grateful if you could review it. You can see it on Amazon.com,
    In 8/26/14 my book will be free in Amazon.
    Furthermore, I’ll be happy to refer people to your website post and mention it on the editorial reviews section.
    Chava Epstein


  2. Hi Antill,
    I have a book to offer for your review, or just simply for your enjoyment: Ruse, an erotic novella, a fast read – 54 pages.
    I would be glad to send along the book and the cover to do with what you like.:)



  3. Hi
    I got your details from bookbloggerlist.com. I have a small book of 64-70 pages. Its a non-fiction genre but with a message for readers. I would be glad to send you the pdf copy of the same. Could you please spare few minute of yours to review it and post the comments on Goodreads or Amazon.
    Have a great Day !!

    Rajith Rajappan


  4. Hi Antill,
    I am a new author that would really like a comment from you on my book(s). I currently have two published ~ the third to be released soon. The books are a trilogy starting with Illusion. Illusion is exactly what the title depicts, as you are reading the book you think you know the story and then at the end nothing is what it seems, thus the title. The second book is Deception and again, hidden meaning behind the title. The books are romance/action/adventure/mystery genre and written for adults (steamy). I am very new to all of this and would love to get your intake on my stories. Currently I am working on my 5th book and all stories are different. Two are stand alones, three are the trilogy. My goal as an author for my stories and style is to not become predictable. Please let me know if you are interested in reading it or them, I truly would love some input. Thank you.


  5. Hi Antill,
    My name is Kayleigh and I work with a small independent book marketing company called BookBear.
    I came across your blog and really like what you do.
    I would like to offer you the opportunity to become a BookBear tour host?
    Please contact me for more information and details in regards to this.
    Keep up the good work its BEARillinat!
    I look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards


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