Sky Watcher is now Live on Amazon!!


Meet Allison Singleton, Single, alone. Her husband has left her after years of marriage, and she is destined to be alone for the rest of her life. At 35, she is afraid to hop back into the dating scene, as she knows there aren’t too many options at her age. She has labeled men her age into two categories: Taken and everything left over. The second group includes the men who are so dreadful that no woman has snagged them up yet. This is her dating pool.
That is, until she meets the hot lawyer, Gavin McDermott, on a blind date. He may just be what she is looking for. He offers her a job she doesn’t expect, and, wanting to try new things, she accepts. It is there where she discovers herself, her dreams, and maybe love.


4 Amazing Stars!!

It is really a talent how an Author like Ella Emerson got to put this book together! I did think this book was great and I would recommend it to everyone! This is something you do not want to miss and this is the type of book that everyone needs to have on their shelves. Ella Emerson did a very good job. This Novella is easy to read and does not bore at all. She gets to the point, so no skipping pages at all. Plus the book reads fast.

I experienced something totally new when I read this book. This is not your usual bad ass or sweet romance novella. It is totally fresh and whatever you think you know about what is coming next, when you read, it doesn’t.

The story line definitely did pull at my heart strings. Some scenes in this book made my heart swell and fall in love. Other scenes I could totally relate and also understand the dilemma that Allison felt. Luke was fun and sexy at the same time. He reminded me of what I would have wanted my first love to be like. His character could not have been better in this book.The writing was so nicely done at certain places, that I could imagine every smile or every creative events and moments that was explained. The ending was a shock. But that is just what made this book even better. Who wants normal or usual, when you can have something like this?  But I do not want to talk too much about the characters and the beautiful scenes, because I want everyone to start this book with a open mind and a blind eye. Just to make sure you get the full emotion, when you experience this great book on your own.

This is really something new and fresh for any adult to enjoy. So do not hesitate to read it at all.







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